Frequent Asked Questions

Does the journal CPS publish information restricted to the Plant Science?
No, any information related to plants may be published by this journal. For example, studies within the Soil Science, such as soil fertilization affecting plant growth and yield, or studies within the Medical Science, such as the use of medicinal plants to prevent human diseases, or even studies within the Psychological Science, such as the use of hallucinogenic plants by humans, all of them may be published by this journal.

Which kind of information may be published by the journal CPS?
This journal publishes results of scientific research (Research Article), literature reviews (Review), partial or full works from scientific and technological events (Complete Annals or Works published within Annals), and critical information, personal communication, reports of simple findings, abstracts without data and any other information related to plants as short communications (Communication Note).

Does the journal CPS encourage short publications?
Yes, this journal encourages short publications, even Research Articles or Reviews. Building, spreading, and sharing the knowledge worldwide are included as objectives of this journal.

Does the journal CPS have Impact Factor?
No, this journal is a recent publication and is not indexed by Thomson Reuters ISI, having no Impact Factor (JCR) yet.

Is the journal CPS indexed by some research platform?
Yes, this journal is indexed by AGRIS, CABI, DOAJ, Latindex and other platfomrs.

Is the journal CPS in the Qualis System?
Yes, this journal have a Qualis B3 in Agrarian Sciences.

What are the percentage of rejection and the reasons why manuscripts get declined?
Manuscripts have being rejected by 17% due mainly to a low quality of scientific writing or/and a very low quality of English writing. In general, a native English writing is not mandatory but a minimum quality of English writing must be guaranteed for this journal.

What is the average time for manuscript publication?
It depends on the minimum quality of the scientific and English writing of manuscripts. In general, evaluation and editing processes have extended for no more than three months.

What does it cost to publish in the Journal CPS?
Authors do not pay any charge to publish in this journal.

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