Communications in Plant Sciences (Commun. Plant Sci. ISSN 2237-4027) is an open access independent journal edited by plant scientists focusing on a fast diffusion of information, findings, thoughts, and ideas with respect to plant sciences and related areas.

Publishing research papers, reviews, short communications, and works from annals of events, the journal Communications in Plant Sciences provides a dynamic forum for the ever growing international community of scientists working directly or indirectly with plants.

For publication in Communications in Plant Sciences, manuscripts must contribute to the understanding of plant behaviour or some issue on plants interacting with some biotic and abiotic factor.

Scientists of all areas of knowledge in plant sciences and related areas are encouraged to submit their manuscripts in English, preferably, Portuguese, or Spanish for free publication in this journal.

Communications in Plant Sciences is online published, and newly accepted papers are immediately assigned to the current issue or a next issue or volume of the journal, having a semesterly periodicity.


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